If you wish to be better at sensing the presence of your spirit guides and angels, then try using ANHYDRITE aka angelite to help you become more aware of their energies. There are many stones that also help one to connect to one’s angels, but I find anhydrite ideal for connecting to one’s guides kinesthetically; to become aware of the experience of “feeling” a presence around you. These crystals transmit information in a very gentle way and help you to become attuned to the gentle way your spirit guides will interact with you. – One way your guides will advise you is with a gentle nudge of feeling that pulls your inner attention toward a thought or direction. You may get a “nudge” and have an inclination to look a certain cheap zithromax online direction, or go a certain direction, or speak to someone. Working with ANHYDRITE can help you begin to differentiate between your own inner intuition and the guidance of your spiritual guides who are with you every moment of your life. Then you will become even more attuned to the soft and gentle frequency in which they transmit their support from. – This stone is also ideal for those who want to connect to those who have shifted from their physical forms into the higher realms. – To see if this ANHYDRITE is AVAILABLE FOR SALE, go to the link in the profile. #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalvibes #crystalporn #angels #spiritguides #angels #presence #nudges #place8healing Posted from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1laOOyZ