Had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Eben Alexander and his writing partner Karen Newell as they stopped at Place 8 Healing’s table to check out our crystals at the #consciouslifeexpo. Dr. Alexander is a neurologist who has taught at Harvard and Duke, a was a hard-nosed scientist that poo-poohed any notions of afterlife until he himself was in a meningitis induced coma. During his coma he experienced his own near death where can u buy zithromax experience and came out of the coma a changed man. With his medical background he has challenged the assertions that his experiences were hallucinations by his professional expertise of the workings of the brain. His experience with his #NDE is chronicled in his New York Times bestselling memoir, “Proof of Heaven.” A book I definitely recommend reading. #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalhealer #crystallove #crystalblessings #metaphysical #drebenalexander #proofofheavenbook #place8healing Posted from Instagram: http://ift.tt/21isZOf