Because of its popularity as a manifestation stone, citrine has been in high demand. The problem is that the great majority of citrine available is actually artificial. 🙁 With the partial information that citrine is a stone about making money, it has become one of the more sought after manifestation crystals. But natural citrine is quite rare. To fill market demand, mines artificially heat-treat amethyst which melts the iron based compounds within shifting the purple into a ruddy yellow-orange color.

The previous post shows what artificial citrine looks like. Other than the color, one of the telltale signs is the short crystals in clusters. This short cluster shape is indicative of the amethyst that is in vast supply from Uruguay. So almost all the citrine you see available for purchase is actually this heat-treated artificial citrine. In comparison, most real citrine is found palm sized or much smaller and are far more subtle in their yellow color. And often real citrine has a natural smokiness to its color caused by natural radiation by Mother Earth’s energies.

The energy of heat-treated citrine can be best described as an obnoxious tourist who gets their way because giving them what they want makes them go away (hopefully.) In comparison, natural citrine energies are far superior in manifestation energies because their subtle energies work more deeply and pervasively across all manifestation levels. Imagine natural citrine energy being like a small steady stream of water that pervades through every nook and cranny, as opposed to man-made citrine which energetically feels like a power-hose knocking everything down just to get things wet. So though heat-treated citrine is a lesser crime than other artificial crystal treatments, it has a vast difference in terms of manifestation energy.

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