Continuing on the previous posts about the physical and metaphysical differences between artificial and natural citrine, the photo above shows an amethyst geode cut down the middle with one half heat-treated in an oven 800-900 degrees fahrenheit to melt the iron naturally in the crystal lattice of the amethyst and shift the color to that orangey-yellow “citrine.” In my personal estimation, over 99.9% of the “citrine” you find in the marketplace is this adulterated citrine. The reason being is that there is a huge demand for citrine as a manifestation crystal (see previous post for more info.) To better understand why, it helps to know that crystals collectors are roughly divided two camps; the scientific collectors and the metaphysical collectors.

Mineral collectors collect for rarity. Each species of crystal, say for example, selenite, comes in different forms all over the world. So for instance, a collector of selenite will aim to procure the rarest forms of selenite they can afford from the over 600 locations it is found in the world. Some collectors can only spend $50 on each of their mineral specimens, while there are many mineral collectors who wouldn’t hesitate to spend thousands, or even hundred of thousands of dollars on a single rare mineral specimen.

In contrast, the metaphysical market purchases for metaphysical energy of the crystals. Rarity means much less to the metaphysical collector, especially when the information published on the metaphysical properties of stones focuses on the crystals that are in most ample supply. With over 4000 species of minerals in the world with its multitude of sub-species spread across many locations around the world, each locale shifting the expression of the mineral in its overall shape, it just isn’t feasible to write about every stone’s metaphysical property. Anyhow, a vast majority of these stones are so extremely rare, they cost so much that it just doesn’t make sense for the pocketbooks of the average metaphysical collector of stones. Also when the metaphysical information about crystals began to really resurface in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a whole mineral market opened up and allowed mineral dealers to offload some crystals from localities that produced so much supply that they were not valued for mineral collections.

These old school mineral dealers knew the market, knew how to get these crystals, knew where the mines were, and had relationships with these mines and miners, so it was easy for them to make a side business selling to the metaphysical market. For some businesses, the metaphysical market eventually became the majority of their business, so they just offer azithromycin online what people ask for… which are the metaphysical stones most published about.

Amethyst is found in over 1800 locations in the world. The most prolific pockets of amethyst are found in Brazil and Uruguay. The region of Rio Grande do Sol in Brazil alone produces over 2000-3000 tons of amethyst PER YEAR.

What to do with all this product? Mineral collectors would rather have amethyst from rarer localities. Only so much can be used as decorator specimens. So who is left but the metaphysical market? And what about the high demand for citrine? Well, that’s easily dealt with by heat-treating amethyst to citrine!

Things that are very important to mineral collectors like the location where a mineral is found are not significant to the metaphysical market. So when the metaphysical collectors don’t seem to care about details like that it’s an easy step to for mines to just start “enhancing” and artificially treating minerals to make more product for them to sell. These artificially treated stones include crystals like Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, Titanium Quartz, and irradiated smoky quartz, not to mention the proliferation of dyed stones.

At Place 8 Healing, we are here to honor the treasures given to us by Mother Earth. Other than jaspers, gemstones, and other stone materials that are purposefully worked so that we as humans can better interact with their energy, all of the crystals and minerals we have are in their raw, natural state. This is an acknowledgement of the supreme creator and artist of beauty that Mother Earth is. And by helping to move these strongly energetic crystals around her body helps to create new crystal grids that unlocks energy that assists with the energetic transformation of the world.

With metaphysical crystals becoming more readily available everywhere, Place 8 Healing endeavors to bring you more unusual specimens of metaphysical crystals to share with you so that you may have more variety and more specific metaphysical resonances to choose from. As a practicing crystal healer, I am channeling the crystal properties of these rarer and more unusual stones and continue to relay additional developments in information received as I work with them in crystal healing sessions. I hand choose every crystal that you see available through Place 8 Healing for the aesthetic beauty, and more so, for their individual metaphysical resonance.

My purpose has and always will be to help bring the knowledge of crystals to all of you so that you may be able to use their energies to create a happier and more fulfilling life for yourself… and thus the world.

Crystal Blessings,

PHOTO CREDIT: mindat.org