If your head is thinking too fast, be it from worry, anger, or anxiety, Aquamarine may be the best stone to help you chill out your mind. If you are the type of person who overthinks things especially in a hurried way, then Aquamarine may the perfect stone for you to help calm and chill things out. Aquamarine does have a very watery, cooling energy to it. So if your mind is “overheating”… and especially if your mouth is overheating too, being overly garrulous with sharing or expressing your feelings then this is the perfect stone for the energy of a cooling shower for your throat and mind. – This crystal would also be deeply helpful in helping those with underactive throat chakras begin to more easily express themselves. The water resonance of the stone helps energy to flow more steadily through the throat chakra allowing for easier freedom of expression. *** This massive hunk of quartz contains within it a long, gorgeous crystal of aquamarine. The aquamarine azithromycin online buy crystal sits on a body of milky quartz. Quartzes acts as a magnifier of energies of whatever stone it is used with, with clear quartz being the most turbo-charging, while milky quartz, as in this specimen, still is boosting, but with a much gentler, though still very powerful energy. – This is an ideal specimen to place in a studio or workplace for those wishing help to express the truest sense of who they are artistically. This also would be a great decorator sized specimen for anyone who is wanting to be able to communicate and listen better, e.g. those who are working as therapists and healers who have clients who could use help with articulation (either too little or too much) while also supporting the healer in listening more clearly and attentively. – To see specimens like this for sale go to shop.place8healing.com #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalhealer #aquamarine #beryl #quartz #milkyquartz #calming #crystalblessings #Crystallove #gemsandminerals #finegemsandminerals Posted from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1Nhy414