DEEPEN YOUR INTUITION AND USE IT TO UNDERSTAND CRYSTALLINE ENERGY in this ONE DAY WORKSHOP at PLACE 8 HEALING. Crystal healer, Azalea Lee will explain all the basics of how crystals metaphysically work, from how to choose them, the best ways of cleansing them, and which crystals are essential to have in everyone’s “crystal kit” while guiding you through exercises that develop and deepen your intuition. – This workshop is for all levels of ability, for those of you who know nothing about crystals to those of you who may know more, but have specific questions on the intricacies of working with crystals metaphysically. – By the end of this class your understanding and abilities can be greatly expanded further than you could ever believe. – Choose from the class on Sunday, June 5 or Sunday, July 24from 1-6 PM. $125. Sign up through the link to reserve your seat! Spaces limited! #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalvibes #crystalhealer #essentialcrystals #crystalbasics #metaphysics #intuition #developingyourintuition #place8healing Posted from Instagram: