MISSED YOUR INTUITIVE CRYSTAL READING at the @echoparkcraftfair? – Well, do not alas! Readings are still available via phone! And this time, the entirety of the session will be just for you, in the privacy of your own space. We can talk about what I sense is going on with you intuitively, and what one or two crystals I most recommend to best support you energetically at this time. Additionally, I can discuss how you can specifically work with the crystals -and- answer any burning questions you have about crystals and how to work with them. Then you will have the option to purchase crystals I, as a crystal healer, have selected specifically for you! – If you are seeking a more zithromax price budget version of the crystal intuitive reading, you can opt for a CRYSTAL PULL. This involves filling out an online form on what you’re seeking crystalline help with, and I will email a response on the crystal I select for you, what it’s for, and the option to purchase a crystal I select within your budget. Not only can you do a crystal pull for yourself, but you do a crystal pull to help select a gift for a friend or loved one! – For more information or to sign up, go to http://ift.tt/1qmseG8 – CRYSTAL INTUITIVE READINGS $100/30 minutes, CRYSTAL PULL $50 #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystallove #crystalvibes #crystalbeings #crystalhealer #crystalblessings #gemsandminerals #mineralsandgems #metaphysicalcrystals #metaphysicalrocks #fineminerals #place8healing Posted from Instagram: http://ift.tt/27q90RN