WATERMELON MICA is composed of two mica based minerals. The clear, translucent, glass-like center is made of  muscovite and acts as a portal of information coming from the spiritual realms. Surrounding the muscovite is the purple toned lepidolite which calms and balances anxiety created by the mind. The intimate dance of crystallization that causes the stones to fit in and around each other creates an energetic balance between intuition coming through to crown chakra and any worries created by the mind. - This stone is especially helpful for those who feel they are being called by Spirit to take daring and concerted action but have fear because it is unclear how to the destination will be reached. WATERMELON MICA teaches about going down that mysterious, unknown path led solely by your intuition fully knowing the Universe will be there to lead you every step of the way.
Cleansing Information

Very delicate and prone to breaking. Suggested cleansing with sacred smoke or sunlight.