In Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a large mineral mine of lead and silver. In 2000, a couple brothers digging in this mine following a seam of silver accidentally found the largest crystals known in the world. A thousand feet below the surface of the Earth, in a pocket so hot that one must wear suits filled with ice to keep cool, and even then only working for 20 minutes at a time before the severe risk of heatstroke sets in, is a cave filled with giant selenite crystals, some up to 36 feet long and estimated to be a half a million years old. This place is now known as Cave of the Crystals and photos of the cave only allude to just how majestic this place is in person.


Selenite is known as the “white light” crystal, as it activates the crown chakra by increasing the intensity of white light spiritual energy that can come in through this chakra. By increasing this energy flowing through this chakra, it allows for more information to be received through claircognizance; a.k.a. intuitive knowing.

There are many different forms of selenite, most familiar being the rod shaped selenite from Morocco. But Place 8 Healing carries selenite from the exact same mine the Cave of Crystals is found. If you look in the photos of the Cave of the Crystals, buy zithromax 250 mg online you’ll see the shorter selenite crystals of the photo with the same crystal shape. So in addition to the selenite energy of bringing in white light to the crown chakra, this NAICA SELENITE also holds the energy of the place it was found in. Even as a smaller specimen, the conditions of its growth contains the energy of this natural wonder and the energy of the largest selenite rods in this cavern are present as seeds within its sister crystal!

naica mine selenite

NAICA SELENITE would be well used for bringing in the white light to the crown chakra, but even more interesting would be the information it holds because it was part of the energy of this mine. What I know so far about this form of selenite is that those who are deeply drawn to this specific form of selenite hold a significant role in ascension work on this planet and can use this crystal to help bring down and ground the much needed white light energy here on planet Earth.

There is a reason why this pocket of crystals was only found in the year 2000. 😉