When I think of this lesson of bringing forth our unique soul energy into the world and the mark David Bowie has left on so many lives, I think of this GOBOBOSEB SMOKY AMETHYST MUSIC SCEPTER. The first time I meditated with this crystal, a whole song came through me. It was a beautiful song that was connected to me from another life and I was so happy to hear it again, that I found tears in my eyes. I realized that this crystal helped me connect to an energetic information stream that can only be accessed through me acting as a musical frequency clarifier for my soul.
These crystals have a combination of faint amethyst phantoms along with natural irradiations causing smoky coloring. Many specimens also have flecks of hematite within the crystals. On top of the this is a mixture of cathedral and elestial patterning habits on the exterior of the scepter shape. The combination of all these factors creates for a vibrational order zithromax online no prescription gateway that is unique and for some reason comes out musically for me.  I recommend this stone for anyone who is willing to go on the Hero’s Journey into themselves. Whoever is willing to connect with the depth and intensity of their own vibration, and is willing to do the work facing any vibrational kinks that surfaces because of this journey into their own pure energy would be the ideal candidate to work with this stone. Then if it is that you are pursuing artistic endeavors, or if you consider or want to live your life as art, then could be the stone for you.
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