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The Crystal 101 Workshop is being published as a book! – Or – How the Universe Makes My Business Plans

It might seem as though it’s been quiet at Place 8 Healing. Social media posts have been few, no new items have been put onto the online shop, I haven’t been doing any crystal healings or readings, and Place 8 Healing still does not have a physical home yet. But despite all the outer appearances of stillness, I’ve actually been as busy as ever with Place 8 Healing.

It’s funny how the Universe works. A year ago, I had been given the nudge by the Universe to close down our space in downtown Los Angeles. It was becoming ever more clear that it wasn’t the right space to hold everything Place 8 Healing was becoming. In addition to crystal healing, we were also trying to manage retail, and a growing office of workers in what was essentially a small studio. We needed more space for everything, including bringing on more events and healers. And it was true that after the whirlwind of starting up a new business, I was exhausted, but I was willing to push forward in the service of the crystals.

But the nudges from the Universe were clear. And even though I had worked so hard to put together that beautiful penthouse space, I knew that I needed to let go. Though I always knew Place 8 Healing would rise again, I wanted to know what the near future was supposed to be. But the Universe wouldn’t let me see beyond the next couple weeks, and even in readings by others, the Universe wouldn’t tell them anything either!

However, as I have gone through the journey with the Universe, I have learned to completely trust its suggestions even if they don’t seem like they make any sense. There is just this feeling inside that I know the right thing to do. And because I’ve been habitually rewarded by listening to these nudges, I don’t even question whether or not do what it suggests, I just do it. Though what the Universe suggests might be really scary, if I do what it implores everything miraculously turns out for the best.

So in this story from last year where I’ve been told down to shut down my space; I put in my notice to my landlord, and poof, Urban Outfitters asks me to do a popup with them. And then after that, another poof; a book publisher emails me asking if I want to do a book on crystals.

Just a couple months prior, I was too busy with healings and managing the space that I imagined writing a book could be put in my schedule five years into the future. But now with the space closed, I actually had time to write a book!

“Lololololol” says the Universe. Another cosmic joke on me.

So that’s what’s been keeping me busy. In the addition of handling the many odds and ends of a business, I’ve been wrangling contracts and writing, writing, writing.

The writing and the editing is continuing to keep me occupied for some time, perhaps all through this year. Though I am eager to get Place 8 Healing back in the physical, I have to listen to what Universe asks me to do next. But I know Place 8 Healing will be back, with the crystal healings, crystals, and so much more, even more than I can imagine when the time is right.

The book I’m writing is based on The Crystal 101 Workshop I taught. So many of you were unavailable for the dates I did the workshop, or just plain lived too far away from Los Angeles. But now, with this book, you’ll be finally able to take the workshop and connect to your own deep intuitive connection to the crystals!

The book is currently slated to publish in March 2020 and will be published by Artisan Books, a publisher known for their beautiful books. So along with a crystal education, it’s going to be filled with lovely pictures of crystals. EDIT: More details on the book release can be found here THE CRYSTAL WORKSHOP by Azalea Lee.

I will continue focusing all my energy on writing the book so I may bring you the best book I possibly can. I will continue to be on hiatus for crystal healings and crystal intuitive readings too. I will also be taking a break from the spring Echo Park Craft Fair because I need to work on the book. In the meantime, I will be still available for online Flower Essence appointments and also for private events.

Energetically, Place 8 Healing is still holding space and will return in an even more splendid incarnation. But for right now, the Universe has me working on the book, so I’ll be doing that until it tells me exactly what it wants to do next.

Thank you again for all your support.

– Azalea


At Place 8 Healing we bring you the most beautiful crystals in every price category; from tumbled stones to the high-end collector mineral specimens. Each stone is chosen for its sculptural aesthetics and specimen quality. Unlike many stones sold in the metaphysical market, our crystals have not been artificially treated with heat, dye, or coatings to make them more attractive.

Many of our crystals are of collectable quality, meaning they are valuable in the mineral collectors market and can rise in value over time. Collector quality specimens are carefully mined to prevent chipping and other damage caused from rough handling of the stones. This preserves the quality of the specimen and its collectable value. Though this is not essential to the metaphysical properties of the stones we find collector quality crystals more metaphysically resonant than crystals that have been poorly handled. Locality information is provided for our rare and collectable mineral specimens.

Every single one of the crystals at Place 8 Healing has been hand azithromycin online us selected for their individual metaphysical vibrance by Azalea Lee. She not only intuitively channels the properties of the crystals but corroborates research of a stone’s properties with her professional work as a crystal healer. Because there are new pockets of crystals being discovered every year, there are many stones so new and rare that little has been published about their metaphysical properties. In using these stones in crystal healing sessions with many clients Azalea is able to see deeper levels of a stone’s properties and freely shares what she has learned through her writings.

Because basic crystals are so readily available, Place 8 Healing focuses on the more rare and specialized metaphysical crystals for the serious crystal student. Our selection of stones are intended for crystal lovers who are dedicated to advancing their understanding of crystals and their healing properties. Our mission is to provide these very special crystals to you to be assistance to you on your ongoing journey of light.


The recent events happening in the US have been tragic. Our country’s history of oppression has left deep wounds that have yet to be healed. Though we have made great progress, racism is still a serious problem.

What can we do? We can march in protest and raise our voices to be heard, but is there something else that can be done to help heal all this pain and suffering?

Beyond the physical, financial, and emotional support we can give each other, we can also give spiritual support to this cause. And though subtle to the world at large, this spiritual support is what can truly shift the consciousness of this country and world on the whole.

How do we do this? We must practice COMPASSION. Compassion is the understanding of suffering. And until those who suffer are understood, joy and peace can not fill their hearts.

rose quartz martin luther king place 8 healing

All these things; compassion, understanding, joy, and peace, are all subsets of LOVE, THE HIGHEST VIBRATION IN THE UNIVERSE.

Racism contributes to the feelings of being unwanted and unworthy. It’s a form of shame imposed on a group of people. The collection of these thoughts causes deep hurt. Being racist comes from a place of not feeling worthy enough that one must push down others to gain a feeling of being higher than them. Being a “better” race is the thin stick used to support their fragile ego. They will do whatever it takes to protect their sense of themselves, banding with like-minded people and going as far to arming themselves against anyone they perceive to be encroaching on their energetic territory. They do this all to prevent their fragile ego, for it is only this ego tied to the superiority of their race that prevents them from feeling unworthiness.

Racism is an outer shell, an elementary level of ego-glue used by those younger and less spiritually experienced. We were once spiritually inexperienced like them, maybe not in this lifetime, but in others. If we intuitively feel into ourselves we will find these memories from other lives where we were just as spiritually experienced as the people we see now in the news.

There is a Buddhist doctrine called “The Principle of Mutual Arising.” It states that enemies arise together, that one enemy can not exist without the other; that they mutually create each other into existence. By fighting on either side more of the other enemy is created.

We remove zithromax online ordering ourselves from this dynamic by stepping into the neutral space of love. Love in its true form is a neutral power, seeking no sides, only balance and centeredness. Compassion is the path to this neutral space. Compassion is that which dissolves the need to take sides. Because from the point of compassion one sees that everyone is suffering and everyone is in need of understanding. And once we understand and can hear each other’s pain, then and only then, will we feel safe to put down their mask of ego and safely reveal our hearts.

One way we can bring more compassion into the world is through this exercise: When you walk down the street, for every person that you see, and especially for anyone you meet eyes with, think the word “peace.” Send this energy through your eyes to the other person. Remember, you eyes are the gateway to your soul and very potent energy is transmitted this way. Not only does it put you in the space in neutrality, you are delivering a gift to the another’s soul. There is nothing for the other person to defend when the energy is neutral, thus they receive your gift energetically. They may not react to it now, but given time as they receive more and more of this compassion and love from themselves and others, do they create the space to heal and grow. And because this energy is neutral there is nothing for you to receive back. The gift of love is also the reward.

One of my favorite things I’ve come across recently in the internet is a photo of a grandfather with his 3 year-old granddaughter. They are sitting on a couch together, she is wearing a tutu, and he wears a tee shirt that says, “Great dads get promoted to Grandpa!” while he sweetly helps her paint her toenails. The caption of the photos says, “My dad, a racist hillbilly, told me he didn’t want anything to do with my biracial daughter when I was pregnant. Here he is painting her toenails on her 3rd birthday. Proof people can change.”

The photo above shows ROSE QUARTZ because it is the stone of universal love. Compassion, understanding, joy, and peace are all subsets of love. Is is only through love that we can bring in light. And it is only love that can overcome fear and hate.


The grandeur of a forest begins with the trees. Standing taller than any of the other living creatures they create homes with their bodies nurturing the plants below them who need protection from direct sun and wind. A great variety of insects dart amongst its leaves, bark, and roots. Birds flit from branch to limb creating nests. And myriads of mammals live in and amongst their bodies, some of them spending their whole lives off the ground. Trees support ecosystems and a forest just wouldn’t be a forest without these magnificent beings.

The largest creatures in the forest, they are its kings and queens. To be compelled to hug a tree is to show appreciation for the wisdom they hold and for the patience in which they live their long, steadfast lives. Through their roots they connect deep into Mother Earth while remaining connected to the higher worlds by reaching far up into the sky. They are magnificent spiritual creatures and one can learn from meditating under them. Remember, Buddha gained enlightenment meditating under a Bodhi tree.

As a spiritual practice you can find a tree to meditate with it. Perhaps you already have a tree that for some reason feels special to you. Go to the tree and with reverence and affection, place your hands on the tree, and notice its energy. You may feel it as energy rising up or down the trunk or as a gentle but large energy emanating from the tree. You will be connecting to the tree’s chi or its aura depending, but either way you are establishing a connection and recognition of the tree as a conscious spiritual being. Then sit with your back to the tree and meditate. Take notice of any sensations, zithromax 1000 mg online especially that which you feel going up and down you back, and see if you can get a sense a personality in the energy of a tree. Remember, they are individual, sentient beings and have great wisdom to impart to you if you are willing to slow down, connect, and listen.

petrified wood saxony germany place 8 healing

When a tree falls and is quickly buried under sediment, the lack of oxygen causes the tree to decompose so slowly that mineral rich water can fill and take the shape of its cell structure before the tree completely decays. What is finally left is the mineralized imprint of the tree that once was, a ghost made tangible by mineral facsimile.

Though it may be millions of years since the tree was last alive, specimens of PETRIFIED WOOD still holds the energies of the time the tree was vibrantly alive. In addition to the tree’s own lifetime experience, the experience of its species and the energy of the time period it existed in organic form are memories contained in the stone. Most importantly, PETRIFIED WOOD holds the energy of ancient tree wisdom.

One of the best ways to understand the significance of tree energy is through the symbol of the tree’s shape. Through it’s branches it reaches this sunny over world of light and the trunk of the tree, the roots represent the deep connection to Mother Earth. This movement of heaven down into Earth with the emphasis of the root securing themselves deeply into the ground is the hallmark of PETRIFIED WOOD energy. Because of this, PETRIFIED WOOD is one of the greatest mineral teachers in the deep and important lesson of grounding.

Click here to see PETRIFIED WOOD at the Place 8 Healing online shop!


how to choose a metaphysical crystal

Search crystals by the tags in the Place 8 Healing Crystal Index! Search the index of tags to find crystals related to your situation. Have fun searching through the tags to see what crystals you are led to. This method uses the logical mind as a gateway to discover crystals.

Before reading a crystal’s description, take special notice of which crystals you are most attracted to strictly on an aesthetic basis. Also take notice which crystals you are most repulsed by. Then read the description of these crystals which describes the stone’s metaphysical properties. You will find that the crystals you have chosen will resonate most with what is going on your life while the crystals you are most repulsed by are the vibrations of healing you are most resisting. By using this method you will be tapping into your own latent intuition of the crystals!

Schedule an intuitive reading with crystal healer, Azalea Lee and have her intuitively select a metaphysical crystal for you. There are two options to a reading with Azalea:

OPTION 1 – Fill out the CRYSTAL PULL questionnaire. Azalea will respond with an email with which crystal is best for you. You will also have an opportunity to purchase the specific individual crystal she has chosen for you.
OPTION 2 – To have Azalea recommend the best crystal for you and explain how to work with your crystal metaphysically for maximum benefit, choose the INTUITIVE CRYSTAL READING. In this phone session Azalea will also answer any other questions you may have about buy zithromax 250 mg crystals in general.

Both of these methods utilizes Azalea’s expertise and knowledge with the crystals as a practicing crystal healer.


Many people shop based on a crystal’s price not knowing each crystal is conscious with its own individual personality. Much like puppies in a litter, they may be the same breed but each puppy will have its own personality. Likewise, each the same kind crystal will have a different individual personalities with one more suited to you over others. Method 2 or 3 above are the best ways to choose the specific crystal best for you.

Again, instead of choosing by price or just by what kind of crystal it is, choose the individual crystal that resonates most deeply with you. A crystal’s personality appears more strongly when well cared for, so it is best to choose specimens that have been carefully handled from the beginning. Additionally, it is best to choose crystals with the intention you will be working with them for the rest of your life. Over time, as you work more deeply with your crystals the breadth of their personalities will become more apparent. If you choose crystals with the intention that you will have them for the rest of your life will make you more conscientious in choosing the best crystals to be in your life. Quality is the most important factor in choosing metaphysical crystals. Read this link for more information on what makes a quality crystal.


Why? Because…. because there are SO MANY REASONS. So I’m going to keep talking about this stone and reminding you about it. It’s one of the stones I recommend most. It’s a stone I recommend EVERYONE have for their crystal toolkit. Why? Because it’s the core stone for GROUNDING.

The spiritual difference humans compared with the other species of this planet is we were given an extra tool to integrate into our energetic systems. This tool is called the analytic mind. Through this development of the analytic mind we have been able to explore knowledge in a new pioneering way different than the rest of our animal kin. We have since developed many arts of the mind including science, philosophy, art, music, and more. As humans, we have a deep and passionate desire to understand the world around us. We apply our new understandings into theories we practice through technology and other ways we live our life. Fashion is one way we explore concepts and ideas. And fashion has now become instantaneous with new trends being sold everyday. We now can now hop on a plane to travel and explore distant lands within the length of a day.

This preoccupation with knowledge and understanding is part of what makes us supremely human. Even though our actions wreak havoc on the planet, it is exactly this that causes our angels and ascended masters look so fondly upon us. Like videos of puppies learning how to climb down stairs; we humans are trying, learning, and often failing miserably at times at integrating our new knowledge to understand life.

So we are a top-heavy species because we are so busy dealing with our heads. We forget about the connection we have outside of the analytical, rational, and logical mind so often it’s as if energetically we are like balloons floating off and away to wherever our minds carry us. We worry so much about our minds we put our bodies on the back burner. We heed our physical needs of food, shelter, sleep, and warmth because we have to; and completely neglect what our bodies need spiritually.

hematite place8healing

HEMATITE is a stone to reconnect you to back to Earth, to give the balloon a place to be connected to instead of flying up and getting stuck in the trees. It’s is a grounding stone to connect you to the Earth. It keeps one from loosing balance from the rigors of the modern world and all it’s thinking, thinking, thinking.

It’s a stone to help one plug back into the energies of Mother Earth… you know that celestial body you stand upon, get all your food, air, and water from. And do you know that Mother Earth is also an energetic power source for your body too? That’s why it’s so important to touch your skin to hers; be in her waters, stand on her grass with bare feet, to sit on her rocks; because you literally get energetically “fed” by her from doing this.

HEMATITE helps you stay connected to this energy of Mother Earth. Hematite’s main component is IRON which is a main component of the hemoglobin that allows oxygen to be transported around your body and makes your blood red. Also, the core of Mother Earth is iron too. So hematite, a root chakra stone, helps you stay energetically connected to the actual root chakra of Mother Earth!

In conclusion, grounding is vitally important because it helps balance out and make sense of the mind while keeping us connected to the sustaining energies of Mother Earth.

Nice gorgeous hunks of hematite are for sale on the webshop. Also, IF YOU WANT TO LEARN EVEN MORE ABOUT HEMATITE, the next CRYSTAL 101 WORKSHOP is happening on July 24th. More information at


In Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a large mineral mine of lead and silver. In 2000, a couple brothers digging in this mine following a seam of silver accidentally found the largest crystals known in the world. A thousand feet below the surface of the Earth, in a pocket so hot that one must wear suits filled with ice to keep cool, and even then only working for 20 minutes at a time before the severe risk of heatstroke sets in, is a cave filled with giant selenite crystals, some up to 36 feet long and estimated to be a half a million years old. This place is now known as Cave of the Crystals and photos of the cave only allude to just how majestic this place is in person.


Selenite is known as the “white light” crystal, as it activates the crown chakra by increasing the intensity of white light spiritual energy that can come in through this chakra. By increasing this energy flowing through this chakra, it allows for more information to be received through claircognizance; a.k.a. intuitive knowing.

There are many different forms of selenite, most familiar being the rod shaped selenite from Morocco. But Place 8 Healing carries selenite from the exact same mine the Cave of Crystals is found. If you look in the photos of the Cave of the Crystals, buy zithromax 250 mg online you’ll see the shorter selenite crystals of the photo with the same crystal shape. So in addition to the selenite energy of bringing in white light to the crown chakra, this NAICA SELENITE also holds the energy of the place it was found in. Even as a smaller specimen, the conditions of its growth contains the energy of this natural wonder and the energy of the largest selenite rods in this cavern are present as seeds within its sister crystal!

naica mine selenite

NAICA SELENITE would be well used for bringing in the white light to the crown chakra, but even more interesting would be the information it holds because it was part of the energy of this mine. What I know so far about this form of selenite is that those who are deeply drawn to this specific form of selenite hold a significant role in ascension work on this planet and can use this crystal to help bring down and ground the much needed white light energy here on planet Earth.

There is a reason why this pocket of crystals was only found in the year 2000. 😉


See the beautiful layers stacked upon one another. This specific form the MANGANOAN CALCITE forms in stacks of elongated pyramids with many of them having terminations at the top point topped with a “cap.” It recalls the energy of stacking growth reaching a pinnacle of achievement, zithromax online overnight which energetically is the goal, to love oneself, to encourage oneself to one’s highest realization and potential. And this is just one of many of these terminations on just one specimen!

From Manaoshan, Hunan Province, China


The lovely softness of MANGANOAN Calcite from China radiates vibrations of nurturing and love. A stone for those who have difficulty allowing others to love them. Perhaps one is good at giving love but not so good at allowing someone to love you back leading to unbalance in circulating love between one another. So especially good for mothers, those who are imbalanced relationships, singles who want to avoid imbalanced relationships, and wonderful for children and teens to help them remain secure while still maintaining their sweet sensitivity. This a great stone for an altar piece to manifest the right relationship and to keep in the bedrooms of children to keep their heart chakras supported and open. It is a spiritual practice to honor one’s self which includes honoring your own heart. Honoring your heart means recognizing your need to be loved and supported and letting go of your ego’s desire to control how love is expressed buy zithromax without rx toward you. Sometimes this is just admitting that you need someone to love and care for you and more importantly… allowing others to do so. This is the lesson of MANGANOAN CALCITE. – Are you needing nurturing and loving? Are you trying to control the kind of love coming to you by being always on the offensive with love…. constantly giving it out in a way that nobody can return it? Or are you just needing to acknowledge your need for love and making your needs known? Are you allowing others to love you or are you having them jump through hoops to get to your heart? #manganoan #manganoancalcite #calcite #mangano #manganocalcite #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystallove #crystalblessings #crystalvibes #energyhealing #lightwork #metaphysicalcrystals #fineminerals #mineralcollecting #mineralcollectors #finemineralcollections #gemsandminerals #mineralspecimen #mineralspecimens #place8healing FOR SALE! GO TO THE LINK IN THE PROFILE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Posted from Instagram:

IF YOU LIKED THE AQUAMARINE IN THE LAST POST… CHECK OUT THIS BEAUTY!!! This massive hunk of quartz contains within it an intact gorgeous crystal of aquamarine. The aquamarine crystal sits on a body of milky quartz. Quartzes acts as a magnifier of energies of whatever stone it is used with, with clear quartz being the most turbo-charging, while milky quartz, as in this specimen, still is boosting, but with a much gentler, though still very powerful energy. – This is an ideal specimen to place in a studio or workplace for those wishing help to express the truest buy azithromycin 500mg sense of who they are artistically. This also would be a great decorator sized specimen for anyone who is wanting to be able to communicate and listen better, e.g. those who are working as therapists and healers who have clients who could use help with articulation (either too little or too much) while also supporting the healer in listening more clearly and attentively.  #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystallove #crystalblessings #crystalvibes #energyhealing #lightwork #metaphysicalcrystals #fineminerals #mineralcollecting #mineralcollectors #finemineralcollections #gemsandminerals #mineralspecimen #mineralspecimens #place8healing  FOR SALE!!! GO TO THE LINK IN THE PROFILE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Posted from Instagram:


Continuing on the previous posts about the physical and metaphysical differences between artificial and natural citrine, the photo above shows an amethyst geode cut down the middle with one half heat-treated in an oven 800-900 degrees fahrenheit to melt the iron naturally in the crystal lattice of the amethyst and shift the color to that orangey-yellow “citrine.” In my personal estimation, over 99.9% of the “citrine” you find in the marketplace is this adulterated citrine. The reason being is that there is a huge demand for citrine as a manifestation crystal (see previous post for more info.) To better understand why, it helps to know that crystals collectors are roughly divided two camps; the scientific collectors and the metaphysical collectors.

Mineral collectors collect for rarity. Each species of crystal, say for example, selenite, comes in different forms all over the world. So for instance, a collector of selenite will aim to procure the rarest forms of selenite they can afford from the over 600 locations it is found in the world. Some collectors can only spend $50 on each of their mineral specimens, while there are many mineral collectors who wouldn’t hesitate to spend thousands, or even hundred of thousands of dollars on a single rare mineral specimen.

In contrast, the metaphysical market purchases for metaphysical energy of the crystals. Rarity means much less to the metaphysical collector, especially when the information published on the metaphysical properties of stones focuses on the crystals that are in most ample supply. With over 4000 species of minerals in the world with its multitude of sub-species spread across many locations around the world, each locale shifting the expression of the mineral in its overall shape, it just isn’t feasible to write about every stone’s metaphysical property. Anyhow, a vast majority of these stones are so extremely rare, they cost so much that it just doesn’t make sense for the pocketbooks of the average metaphysical collector of stones. Also when the metaphysical information about crystals began to really resurface in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a whole mineral market opened up and allowed mineral dealers to offload some crystals from localities that produced so much supply that they were not valued for mineral collections.

These old school mineral dealers knew the market, knew how to get these crystals, knew where the mines were, and had relationships with these mines and miners, so it was easy for them to make a side business selling to the metaphysical market. For some businesses, the metaphysical market eventually became the majority of their business, so they just offer azithromycin online what people ask for… which are the metaphysical stones most published about.

Amethyst is found in over 1800 locations in the world. The most prolific pockets of amethyst are found in Brazil and Uruguay. The region of Rio Grande do Sol in Brazil alone produces over 2000-3000 tons of amethyst PER YEAR.

What to do with all this product? Mineral collectors would rather have amethyst from rarer localities. Only so much can be used as decorator specimens. So who is left but the metaphysical market? And what about the high demand for citrine? Well, that’s easily dealt with by heat-treating amethyst to citrine!

Things that are very important to mineral collectors like the location where a mineral is found are not significant to the metaphysical market. So when the metaphysical collectors don’t seem to care about details like that it’s an easy step to for mines to just start “enhancing” and artificially treating minerals to make more product for them to sell. These artificially treated stones include crystals like Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, Titanium Quartz, and irradiated smoky quartz, not to mention the proliferation of dyed stones.

At Place 8 Healing, we are here to honor the treasures given to us by Mother Earth. Other than jaspers, gemstones, and other stone materials that are purposefully worked so that we as humans can better interact with their energy, all of the crystals and minerals we have are in their raw, natural state. This is an acknowledgement of the supreme creator and artist of beauty that Mother Earth is. And by helping to move these strongly energetic crystals around her body helps to create new crystal grids that unlocks energy that assists with the energetic transformation of the world.

With metaphysical crystals becoming more readily available everywhere, Place 8 Healing endeavors to bring you more unusual specimens of metaphysical crystals to share with you so that you may have more variety and more specific metaphysical resonances to choose from. As a practicing crystal healer, I am channeling the crystal properties of these rarer and more unusual stones and continue to relay additional developments in information received as I work with them in crystal healing sessions. I hand choose every crystal that you see available through Place 8 Healing for the aesthetic beauty, and more so, for their individual metaphysical resonance.

My purpose has and always will be to help bring the knowledge of crystals to all of you so that you may be able to use their energies to create a happier and more fulfilling life for yourself… and thus the world.

Crystal Blessings,


Because of its popularity as a manifestation stone, citrine has been in high demand. The problem is that the great majority of citrine available is actually artificial. 🙁 With the partial information that citrine is a stone about making money, it has become one of the more sought after manifestation crystals. But natural citrine is quite rare. To fill market demand, mines artificially heat-treat amethyst which melts the iron based compounds within shifting the purple into a ruddy yellow-orange color.

The previous post shows what artificial citrine looks like. Other than the color, one of the telltale signs is the short crystals in clusters. This short cluster shape is indicative of the amethyst that is in vast supply from Uruguay. So almost all the citrine you see available for purchase is actually this heat-treated artificial citrine. In comparison, most real citrine is found palm sized or much smaller and are far more subtle in their yellow color. And often real citrine has a natural smokiness to its color caused by natural radiation by Mother Earth’s energies.

The energy of heat-treated citrine can be best described as an obnoxious tourist who gets their way because giving them what they want makes them go away (hopefully.) In comparison, natural citrine energies are far superior in manifestation energies because their subtle energies work more deeply and pervasively across all manifestation levels. Imagine natural citrine energy being like a small steady stream of water that pervades through every nook and cranny, as opposed to man-made citrine which energetically feels like a power-hose knocking everything down just to get things wet. So though heat-treated citrine is a lesser crime than other artificial crystal treatments, it has a vast difference in terms of manifestation energy.

CONTINUED IN NEXT COMMENT… Posted from Instagram:

😢 Don’t enjoy breaking this to y’all but this is ARTIFICIAL CITRINE. 😳 Want to learn more about the difference between real and the not so real stuff? Stay tuned to the next upcoming post where I will explain the differences and what metaphysical difference it makes. #crystal #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalhealer #citrine #artificialcitrine #fakecitrine Posted from Instagram:

💚💛💜 ! ! ! SO MANY BEAUTIFUL CRYSTALS WANT TO MEET YOU! ! ! 💜💛💚 Come to TODAY’S OPEN HOUSE at Place 8 Healing! 11-7pm today (and also every zithromax oral Friday through the end of April!) 120 E. 8th Street #902, Downtown Los Angeles! #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalporn #dtla #openhouse #crystalhealer #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

! ! ! TOMORROW ! ! ! Place 8 Healing will be open to the public tomorrow between 11 -7 pm. Come shop for fine metaphysical crystals and stones to assist you in bettering your life! So many more crystals are in the shop than get posted on Instagram!

120 E. 8th Street 
Suite 902
Los Angeles 90014

In the pink building on the corner of Los Angeles and 8th street.

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Crystals to help the client balance the anxiety-causing over-think as well as promotion of groundedness to facilitate energy movement through the lower chakras. #lepidolite #purplecubicfluorite #hematiteaftermagnetite #blacktourmaline For more buy zithromax online information about crystal healing sessions, go to the link in the profile! #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalgrid #crystalgrids #crystalhealer #metaphysical #crystalblessings #crystallove #healing #place8healing #lightwork #crystalwork Posted from Instagram:

Some crystals from a recent crystal healing session to help the client radiate a more robust aura in order to align their energies so that it may also help others. – To learn more about buy zithromax z-pak no prescription private crystal healing sessions, go to the link in the profile. #amethyst #apophyllite #danburite #redquartz #quartz #bluebarite #barite #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystallove #layingofthecrystals #crystalgrid #crystalgrids #metaphysical #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

Had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Eben Alexander and his writing partner Karen Newell as they stopped at Place 8 Healing’s table to check out our crystals at the #consciouslifeexpo. Dr. Alexander is a neurologist who has taught at Harvard and Duke, a was a hard-nosed scientist that poo-poohed any notions of afterlife until he himself was in a meningitis induced coma. During his coma he experienced his own near death where can u buy zithromax experience and came out of the coma a changed man. With his medical background he has challenged the assertions that his experiences were hallucinations by his professional expertise of the workings of the brain. His experience with his #NDE is chronicled in his New York Times bestselling memoir, “Proof of Heaven.” A book I definitely recommend reading. #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalhealer #crystallove #crystalblessings #metaphysical #drebenalexander #proofofheavenbook #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

T-minus 1 hour to the opening of the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton! Place 8 Healing is here with Azalea giving free crystal readings! Come by and check it out! #crystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalhealing #consciouslifeexpo Posted from Instagram:

WANT TO MAKE SOME SPIRITUAL PLANS THIS WEEKEND??? Place 8 Healing will be at the CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO at the LAX Hilton this Friday through Sunday! Come get a free crystal intuitive reading from crystal healer, Azalea Lee as well as attend workshops with many distinguished teachers and healers like Dr. Eben Alexander buy azithromycin over the counter @ebenalex3md, Don Miguel Ruiz @donmiguelruiz, Nassim Haramein @resonanceproject, Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar @truedivinenature… and much more!!! – A big download of spiritual energy! – For more information go to #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings, #crystallove #crystalgrid #metaphysical #learning #healing #loving #grounding #opening #consciouslifeexpo #laxhilton #losangeles #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

Pricing and organizing all the #vanadinite babies! ❤️👶🏾👶🏼👶🏽❤️ We sifted through tons and tons of material to find the most aesthetically and metaphysically compelling pieces to bring back from Tucson to you. Stay posted as we ramp up the Instagram posts again and share these beauties with you in the online shop! #crystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalhealing #crystalporn #morecomingsoon #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

Repost from @alexandra___michelle Photo from her crystal healing session at Place 8 Healing. #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #layingofthecrystals #layingonthecrystals #privatecrystalhealingsession #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

Crystals from a recent crystal healing session at Place 8 Healing to bring support and love while concurrently breaking up old unhelpful energy patterns to leave buy azithromycin online cheap behind. Book your private crystal healing session at the link in the profile! #rosequartz #manganocalcite #hematite #elestialquartz #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

A COLLECTION OF HEART CRYSTALS from a recent #crystalhealingsession to facilitate deep and compassionate love for one’s self. Clockwise from top left: #rosequartzgeode #hematoidquartz #rhodochrosite #rhodochrosite #danburite To book your own private crystal healing session, go to the link above. Distance crystal healing sessions available too! Posted from Instagram:

DIMENSION HOPPING – Crystals used in a recent crystal healing session where the client visited, not past lives, but alternate realities and dimensions. #whoa #crazy #fun – Book a private crystal healing session with Azalea Lee to see what where to buy zithromax inter-dimensional doorways might be residing within you! #dimensionhopping #quantumleap #alternaterealities #alternatedimensions #selenite #fadenquartz #fisheyeagate #hematiteaftermagnetite #hourglassselenite #elestialquartz #rainforestjasper #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalvibes #crystalporn #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

If you wish to be better at sensing the presence of your spirit guides and angels, then try using ANHYDRITE aka angelite to help you become more aware of their energies. There are many stones that also help one to connect to one’s angels, but I find anhydrite ideal for connecting to one’s guides kinesthetically; to become aware of the experience of “feeling” a presence around you. These crystals transmit information in a very gentle way and help you to become attuned to the gentle way your spirit guides will interact with you. – One way your guides will advise you is with a gentle nudge of feeling that pulls your inner attention toward a thought or direction. You may get a “nudge” and have an inclination to look a certain cheap zithromax online direction, or go a certain direction, or speak to someone. Working with ANHYDRITE can help you begin to differentiate between your own inner intuition and the guidance of your spiritual guides who are with you every moment of your life. Then you will become even more attuned to the soft and gentle frequency in which they transmit their support from. – This stone is also ideal for those who want to connect to those who have shifted from their physical forms into the higher realms. – To see if this ANHYDRITE is AVAILABLE FOR SALE, go to the link in the profile. #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalvibes #crystalporn #angels #spiritguides #angels #presence #nudges #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

With the recent Los Angeles rains, a view of snow-tipped mountains of the Angeles National Forest from the windows of @place8healing #losangeles #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalvibes #dtla #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

Crystals from today’s crystal healing session to connect the recipient to the power of their own self-healing – #angelite #manganoancalcite buy azithromycin next day delivery #celestine #greenfluorite #fulgurite #apophyllite #amethyst #peridot #labradorite #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalgrid #crystalblessings #crystalhealingsession #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

When I think of this lesson of bringing forth our unique soul energy into the world and the mark David Bowie has left on so many lives, I think of this GOBOBOSEB SMOKY AMETHYST MUSIC SCEPTER. The first time I meditated with this crystal, a whole song came through me. It was a beautiful song that was connected to me from another life and I was so happy to hear it again, that I found tears in my eyes. I realized that this crystal helped me connect to an energetic information stream that can only be accessed through me acting as a musical frequency clarifier for my soul.
These crystals have a combination of faint amethyst phantoms along with natural irradiations causing smoky coloring. Many specimens also have flecks of hematite within the crystals. On top of the this is a mixture of cathedral and elestial patterning habits on the exterior of the scepter shape. The combination of all these factors creates for a vibrational order zithromax online no prescription gateway that is unique and for some reason comes out musically for me.  I recommend this stone for anyone who is willing to go on the Hero’s Journey into themselves. Whoever is willing to connect with the depth and intensity of their own vibration, and is willing to do the work facing any vibrational kinks that surfaces because of this journey into their own pure energy would be the ideal candidate to work with this stone. Then if it is that you are pursuing artistic endeavors, or if you consider or want to live your life as art, then could be the stone for you.
This stone is available for sale. See link in the profile.

#crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #amethyst #smoky #smokey #smokyquartz #smokeyquartz #scepter #goboboseb #brandenberg #elestial #cathedral #phantoms #hematite #hematiteflecks #creativity #yourpurestenergy #soul #youassoul #music #musicians #art #artists #lifeasart #davidbowie Posted from Instagram:



It’s quite the special thing to be so deeply touched by the passing of someone I did not personally know. What a wonderful gift David Bowie gave to the world. He was in the tapestry of our lives; touching the feelings and emotions of so many of us by expressing through his music and lyrics what is shared by us all. This is what makes artists so important, because they take what is common to all of us and express the experiences of what all humanity shares, but paradoxically expressed through the magic of the vibration of one unique soul in one lifetime.

I’ve often thought about what makes people stand out like this… And I continue to see a pattern. When people fully give into themselves and take the courageous journey into the depths of who they are, they come in contact with their own reservoir of energy, completely unique to them. It’s an energy that is unusable by others, for every other person has their own reservoir of energy to connect to, if they would only follow the journey to connect with it. For some people this journey is thrust upon them from birth and for others it is a journey that has to be ardently made, but the ultimate lesson is same for both.

You are a vibration, a music, that is unique in all the Universe. There is no one else like you. It is your job to go deeper and deeper into the core of your own source. The more you let go of all the safety nets; emotional, financial, cultural, etc. the closer you will get to the strength and support of your own truest vibration. There is something for you to express, there is energy that must come through you. It is an energy that no one else can bring forth into this world. Wether it is that you bring this work through your art, music, healing, bookkeeping, bus driving… buy zithromax online with mastercard whatever it is you are to be a vehicle of energy of. There is no one but you to do it exactly the way you can do it. And, when you reach every deeper into this energy to heal and deepen yourself, you will inadvertently touch the world.

When I think of this lesson of bringing forth our unique soul energy into the world and the mark David Bowie has left on so many lives, I think of this GOBOBOSEB SMOKY AMETHYST MUSIC SCEPTER. The first time I meditated with this crystal, a whole song came through me. It was a beautiful song that was connected to me from another life and I was so happy to hear it again, that I found tears in my eyes. I realized that this crystal helped me connect to an energetic information stream that can only be accessed through me. The crystal acted as a musical frequency clarifier for my soul.

These crystals have a combination of faint amethyst phantoms along with natural irradiations causing smoky coloring. Many specimens also have flecks of hematite within the crystals. On top of the this is a mixture of cathedral and elestial patterning habits on the exterior of the scepter shape. The combination of all these factors creates for a vibrational gateway that is unique and for some reason comes out musically for me.

I recommend this stone for anyone who is willing to go on the Hero’s Journey into themselves. Whoever is willing to connect with the depth and intensity of their own vibration, and is willing to do the work facing any vibrational kinks that surfaces because of this journey into their own pure energy would be the ideal candidate to work with this stone. Then if it is that you are pursuing artistic endeavors, or if you consider or want to live your life as art, then could be the stone for you.


For those of you who spend most of their life on the merry-go-round of round-the-clock work and then forgets how to relax and have fun when you have time off, then BLUE HEMIMORPHITE just may be the stone for you. – In the US we live in a society that prides itself on productivity but not so much on a work/play balance. Blue hemimorphite wants to help zithromax online with strengthening the this balance of life for greater health for the soul. This stone just wants you to have FUN and fun in the way you enjoyed as a child, with sheer joy and pleasure.

This stone is available for sale. See link in profile for details.

#crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalbeings #blue #bluehemimorphite #throatchakra #fun #play #life #worklifebalance #happiness #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

New crystal grid for support and growth at Place 8 Healing! – Want to learn how to work with crystals so you can make crystal grids too? Take the CRYSTAL 101 WORKSHOP happening on Sunday, zithromax online pharmacy January 3rd! $100, limited space available. Go to for more information! #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalgrids #pyrite #shungite #ametrine #petrifiedwood #tigersiron #kyanite #danburite #doublepointedquartz #4×6 #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

#mangoniancalcite #selenitesheets #place8healing #crystals #crystalblessings #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove Posted from Instagram:

!!!TOMORROW & SATURDAY!!! Place 8 Healing will be open for holiday shopping for your loved ones, or just for yourself. Crystal healer, Azalea Lee will be on hand with *gratis* intuitive crystal consultations. So for those of you who are wondering what is the perfect stone for you -OR- for  those of you looking for the perfect crystal for someone else, check out the open houses happening:
FRIDAY, December 18th & SATURDAY, December 19th
120 E 8th Street – Downtown Los Angeles – Suite 902
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!!!THE CRYSTAL 101 WORKSHOP IS HAPPENING AGAIN!!! – Here’s your chance to learn about working with crystals! In this comprehensive course, you will learn about how crystals work and how to use their energies to better your life. – People have loved this class because by the end of the class you will have some *major* tools in your where can i buy azithromycin metaphysical pocket to use in your daily life… including learning on how you can intuit the metaphysical properties of a crystal WITHOUT LOOKING IN UP IN A BOOK!
1-6PM $100
Class size is limited!
To sign up, go to:
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!!!ECHO PARK CRAFT FAIR!!! Today and tomorrow at the Mack Sennet Studios in Silverlake! Get your free crystal reading or have me read what crystals would be most buy zithromax supportive for your loved ones! For more info, go to @echoparkcraftfair!!! #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystallove #crystalgifts #crystalvibes #crystalline #holidayshopping #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

!!!OPEN HOUSE TODAY!!! Come stop by from 11-7p to look at crystals and pick up gifts of love and support for your loved ones. – 120 E 8th Street generic zithromax cost #902 – Los Angeles 90014 #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #gifts #holiday #givelove #givelight #givehope #place8healing Posted from Instagram:

*** OPEN HOUSE *** TOMORROW *** SATURDAY, DEC 5 *** 11-7PM *** Place 8 Healing will be open tomorrow for all your personal and holiday shopping needs. Crystal healer, Azalea Lee will be there giving out free intuitive crystal consultations to help you pick out the perfect zithromax no prescription crystal for yourself or your loved ones. Come by and see all the beautiful crystals with your own eyes.
11AM – 7PM
120 E. 8th Street #902
Downtown Los Angeles
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