The Crystal 101 Workshop is being published as a book! – Or – How the Universe Makes My Business Plans

It might seem as though it’s been quiet at Place 8 Healing. Social media posts have been few, no new items have been put onto the online shop, I haven’t been doing any crystal healings or readings, and Place 8 Healing still does not have a physical home yet. But despite all the outer appearances of stillness, I’ve actually been as busy as ever with Place 8 Healing.

It’s funny how the Universe works. A year ago, I had been given the nudge by the Universe to close down our space in downtown Los Angeles. It was becoming ever more clear that it wasn’t the right space to hold everything Place 8 Healing was becoming. In addition to crystal healing, we were also trying to manage retail, and a growing office of workers in what was essentially a small studio. We needed more space for everything, including bringing on more events and healers. And it was true that after the whirlwind of starting up a new business, I was exhausted, but I was willing to push forward in the service of the crystals.

But the nudges from the Universe were clear. And even though I had worked so hard to put together that beautiful penthouse space, I knew that I needed to let go. Though I always knew Place 8 Healing would rise again, I wanted to know what the near future was supposed to be. But the Universe wouldn’t let me see beyond the next couple weeks, and even in readings by others, the Universe wouldn’t tell them anything either!

However, as I have gone through the journey with the Universe, I have learned to completely trust its suggestions even if they don’t seem like they make any sense. There is just this feeling inside that I know the right thing to do. And because I’ve been habitually rewarded by listening to these nudges, I don’t even question whether or not do what it suggests, I just do it. Though what the Universe suggests might be really scary, if I do what it implores everything miraculously turns out for the best.

So in this story from last year where I’ve been told down to shut down my space; I put in my notice to my landlord, and poof, Urban Outfitters asks me to do a popup with them. And then after that, another poof; a book publisher emails me asking if I want to do a book on crystals.

Just a couple months prior, I was too busy with healings and managing the space that I imagined writing a book could be put in my schedule five years into the future. But now with the space closed, I actually had time to write a book!

“Lololololol” says the Universe. Another cosmic joke on me.

So that’s what’s been keeping me busy. In the addition of handling the many odds and ends of a business, I’ve been wrangling contracts and writing, writing, writing.

The writing and the editing is continuing to keep me occupied for some time, perhaps all through this year. Though I am eager to get Place 8 Healing back in the physical, I have to listen to what Universe asks me to do next. But I know Place 8 Healing will be back, with the crystal healings, crystals, and so much more, even more than I can imagine when the time is right.

The book I’m writing is based on The Crystal 101 Workshop I taught. So many of you were unavailable for the dates I did the workshop, or just plain lived too far away from Los Angeles. But now, with this book, you’ll be finally able to take the workshop and connect to your own deep intuitive connection to the crystals!

The book is currently slated to publish in March 2020 and will be published by Artisan Books, a publisher known for their beautiful books. So along with a crystal education, it’s going to be filled with lovely pictures of crystals. EDIT: More details on the book release can be found here THE CRYSTAL WORKSHOP by Azalea Lee.

I will continue focusing all my energy on writing the book so I may bring you the best book I possibly can. I will continue to be on hiatus for crystal healings and crystal intuitive readings too. I will also be taking a break from the spring Echo Park Craft Fair because I need to work on the book. In the meantime, I will be still available for online Flower Essence appointments and also for private events.

Energetically, Place 8 Healing is still holding space and will return in an even more splendid incarnation. But for right now, the Universe has me working on the book, so I’ll be doing that until it tells me exactly what it wants to do next.

Thank you again for all your support.

– Azalea