Why? Because…. because there are SO MANY REASONS. So I’m going to keep talking about this stone and reminding you about it. It’s one of the stones I recommend most. It’s a stone I recommend EVERYONE have for their crystal toolkit. Why? Because it’s the core stone for GROUNDING.

The spiritual difference humans compared with the other species of this planet is we were given an extra tool to integrate into our energetic systems. This tool is called the analytic mind. Through this development of the analytic mind we have been able to explore knowledge in a new pioneering way different than the rest of our animal kin. We have since developed many arts of the mind including science, philosophy, art, music, and more. As humans, we have a deep and passionate desire to understand the world around us. We apply our new understandings into theories we practice through technology and other ways we live our life. Fashion is one way we explore concepts and ideas. And fashion has now become instantaneous with new trends being sold everyday. We now can now hop on a plane to travel and explore distant lands within the length of a day.

This preoccupation with knowledge and understanding is part of what makes us supremely human. Even though our actions wreak havoc on the planet, it is exactly this that causes our angels and ascended masters look so fondly upon us. Like videos of puppies learning how to climb down stairs; we humans are trying, learning, and often failing miserably at times at integrating our new knowledge to understand life.

So we are a top-heavy species because we are so busy dealing with our heads. We forget about the connection we have outside of the analytical, rational, and logical mind so often it’s as if energetically we are like balloons floating off and away to wherever our minds carry us. We worry so much about our minds we put our bodies on the back burner. We heed our physical needs of food, shelter, sleep, and warmth because we have to; and completely neglect what our bodies need spiritually.

hematite place8healing

HEMATITE is a stone to reconnect you to back to Earth, to give the balloon a place to be connected to instead of flying up and getting stuck in the trees. It’s is a grounding stone to connect you to the Earth. It keeps one from loosing balance from the rigors of the modern world and all it’s thinking, thinking, thinking.

It’s a stone to help one plug back into the energies of Mother Earth… you know that celestial body you stand upon, get all your food, air, and water from. And do you know that Mother Earth is also an energetic power source for your body too? That’s why it’s so important to touch your skin to hers; be in her waters, stand on her grass with bare feet, to sit on her rocks; because you literally get energetically “fed” by her from doing this.

HEMATITE helps you stay connected to this energy of Mother Earth. Hematite’s main component is IRON which is a main component of the hemoglobin that allows oxygen to be transported around your body and makes your blood red. Also, the core of Mother Earth is iron too. So hematite, a root chakra stone, helps you stay energetically connected to the actual root chakra of Mother Earth!

In conclusion, grounding is vitally important because it helps balance out and make sense of the mind while keeping us connected to the sustaining energies of Mother Earth.

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