IF YOU LIKED THE AQUAMARINE IN THE LAST POST… CHECK OUT THIS BEAUTY!!! This massive hunk of quartz contains within it an intact gorgeous crystal of aquamarine. The aquamarine crystal sits on a body of milky quartz. Quartzes acts as a magnifier of energies of whatever stone it is used with, with clear quartz being the most turbo-charging, while milky quartz, as in this specimen, still is boosting, but with a much gentler, though still very powerful energy. – This is an ideal specimen to place in a studio or workplace for those wishing help to express the truest buy azithromycin 500mg sense of who they are artistically. This also would be a great decorator sized specimen for anyone who is wanting to be able to communicate and listen better, e.g. those who are working as therapists and healers who have clients who could use help with articulation (either too little or too much) while also supporting the healer in listening more clearly and attentively.  #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystallove #crystalblessings #crystalvibes #energyhealing #lightwork #metaphysicalcrystals #fineminerals #mineralcollecting #mineralcollectors #finemineralcollections #gemsandminerals #mineralspecimen #mineralspecimens #place8healing  FOR SALE!!! GO TO THE LINK IN THE PROFILE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Posted from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1TsKMlL