SOMETIMES EVEN I FORGET TO ASK THE CRYSTALS FOR HELP – So I’m sitting here at my desk with loads of writing to do, translating the multi-dimensional crystalline information into linear 3D form… and it makes me feel like I’m in school again 😆. Now, unlike some people I knew, forming these thoughts into coherent linear form isn’t always easy for me. (You know those people who could effortlessly write a term paper overnight… Well, that isn’t me!) – I’m working on translating all this information I know intuitively into linear form and was feeling challenged, when I suddenly remembered my friend, BOTRYOIDAL LAVENDER FLUORITE. – As with all of your crystal pieces, this crystal friend has been with me for awhile, and as we continue working together, we continue getting to know each other more too. In this way, your individual crystals begin harnessing an energy that works especially with you, much like a favorite coat begins to take on more of a unique distinction than when it was new off the rack. – This is why I emphatically zithromax overnight delivery encourage you to carefully select the best crystals possible for your crystal toolkit as they will be with you, hopefully, for the rest of your life. – BOTRYOIDAL LAVENDER FLUORITE I call the “detangler for the mind” as it softly helps sort out thoughts so they are more “workable” much like a detangler can help you more easily work with your hair. – In this case, my fluorite is very happy she can be of use to me and is happy to help me get the energy of my thoughts and intuitive feelings into words you, the sincere crystal students, can understand. – *** This form of LAVENDER FLUORITE is becoming increasingly harder to find. *** I have pieces available in the shop for those of you who really need a friend like this to help you. Link to the shop is in the profile above! #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #botryoidal #fluorite #lavenderfluorite #detangler #mind #detanglerforthemind #thirdeyechakra #writer #writing #guidetobuyingcrystals #howtobuycrystals #howtochoosecrystals #termpaper #termpaperhelp #place8healing Posted from Instagram: