These crystals have been used exclusively for crystal healing sessions. As they continue to be used in the service of healing, they also continue to increase in the vibrational potency. Recognizing the abilities of the crystals and honoring them through they way they are respectfully worked with causes them to resonate more vibrantly. The energies of these repeated healings becomes a part of their vibrational frequency increasing their healing strength. This is why I always implore you to procure the best buy zithromax online cheap crystals possible to work with, because the reverence in which you take them into your life is energetically significant. – Crystals are always patiently waiting to be with those who truly see them for who they are and what they can bring. – I am blessed to be working with all these stones to help the world become a happier and more fulfilled place. – Crystal Blessings, Azalea #crystalhealer #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalgifts place8healing Posted from Instagram: