Raw SILICON CARBIDE attracts lightworkers who have been tasked in this time of ascension, to bring in high-frequency white light energy and ground it into the physical plane here on Earth. For those of you lightworkers who have been really feeling these shifts in energy, these shifts can be tumultuous at times and can leave one wondering why the ride needs to be so bumpy! – The stone itself is a rich blue-black, but has strong iridescence that brings in all the color wavelengths into the stone. Much like the combination of all colors of light create white light, this is the polarity energy of all colors as pigment producing black. By taking white light energy into the physical you ground all the colors into the Earth as black. And in this stone the added support of the iridescence speaks of the “fun” that is associated with the inclusion of all the chakras and their respective color vibrations playing a part in the process.- This stone helps you with the work you are to do in this magnificent time we are living in with the support of having fun while the ascension all happens! *** WANT TO SEE & FEEL SILICON CARBIDE IN PERSON? Come to the FRIDAY OPEN HOUSE at Place 8 Healing! We will be OPEN TODAY from 11 to 7PM. – 120 E. 8th Street #902; Los Angeles, 90014 – Press #902 on the directory keypad if the front building door is closed! #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #crystalblessings #crystallove #crystalhealer #crystalvibes #crystalemporium #crystalsanctuary #finegemsandminerals #fineminerals #metaphysicalcrystals #finemetaphysicalcrystals #lightworkers, lightworker, #ascension #high-frequency #whitelight #grounding #physicalplane #energyshifts # tumultuous #allcolors #iridescence #rootchakra #place8healing Posted from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1UN6bWi