This form of ASTROPHYLLITE comes from the Russian Arctic Circe. The brassy colored astrophyllite has a metallic quality that shimmers in reflective light. The experience of looking at this stone in person is much like looking at a mineral disco ball, except with rays of astrophyllite glittering in so many different depths and directions. The overall effect is stunning and gives off a feeling of emboldened cheer. - This is exactly what ASTROPHYLLITE wants you to know; that there are many different avenues of possibility of experiencing your dreams; for all you have deeply wished to manifest in the journey of your life. If this journey has become arduous, it is because you have lost sight of the fun of being present in the path being taken... and maybe because you have just gone through a lot and need a little oomph of energy and courage to help you continue moving forward despite all the obstacles in your way. ASTROPHYLLITE wants to show you that these obstacles and difficulties are just ways to show yourself just how much strength you have and give you the inspiration to accomplish your truest dreams.

Cleansing Information

None known.