You can recognize a CATHEDRAL LIGHTBRARY by its shape. Usually having one main crystal with smaller fully terminated crystals surrounding it, these crystals are keepers of information stored in their matrix in the language of light. In using these types of quartz crystals, one may access information that goes beyond space and time. Like a book at the library, these crystals are especially useful for lightworkers and healers who are interested accessing the repository of knowledge they contain. By working with these crystals information can be accessed intuitively often containing the teaching of a specific spirit guide or guides who are working through that particular crystal to help get information to you. It also may be that this crystal is holding information has been placed in that particular crystal by wise ones eons ago and waiting for you to retrieve it. You will know a CATHEDRAL LIGHTBRARY is meant for you by the way you are unspeakably drawn to one with the feeling that somehow this crystal is meant just for you.

Cleansing Information

Can be cleansed in all ways except for the amethyst lightbraries which will fade in color if exposed to bright light.