On the atomic scale, pyrite is built from a series of cubes. The cube is one of the most stable forms in the physical universe. Phrases like "square up” or words like “squarely” imply precision in physicality. In the same way, the energies of pyrite promote precision of energy existing in the physical plane as well. - From the atomic scale to its final form CUBIC PYRITE persists in keeping its cubic form. Because the final form of this pyrite is expressed in a finished cube, it energetically lends itself to supporting those projects that have finite qualities to them. If you are working on project that has a definite start and end date, or a some type of clear beginning and end, this would be the most supportive pyrite to use. So if you are working on a paper, or building a building, or finishing some knitting, these are all projects with definite beginning and end points whose journey toward completion can be supported by CUBIC PYRITE.

Cleansing Information

For energetic cleansing, sea salt and water cleansing depends on fragility of specimen. Pyrite kept in moist environments will degrade over time.