Whereas the eyes on your head help you to look forward, there is an energetic High Body point in the back of your knees working as “eyes” to look behind you. Activating and working with this energetic point allows you to see more clearly where you have been and what lessons you have learned from being there, thus helping you see more clearly which way is the best way to proceed with your life.- Because of this, the High Body point behind your knees is deeply connected to the navel chakra of manifestation. With this advanced understanding of manifestation one can work with clearing and balancing this High Body point so that the navel chakra can be pointed toward manifesting toward the direction of greatest service to you. - One of the stones resonating with this special High Body point is DRAVITE, the brown form of tourmaline. With this point in the back of your knees helping you to look behind you and recognize patterns of experience, you are better able to walk away from situations and people who are not supporting you toward your highest good. Being a tourmaline, DRAVITE can polarize energies to make it see more clearly what is working for you... and what is not. Working with DRAVITE can clarify which direction in life that truly serves you, thus pointing you in the right direction to energetically manifest into. - It’s a great stone to help you as you move through the journey of life when your experience follows the pattern of two steps forward, one step back. DRAVITE is especially helpful for taking the negative energies of the past and recycling them into neutral or positive energies of the future as you move toward your deepest fulfillment.

Cleansing Information

No cleansing precautions.