FLUORITE works to delete "old programming" that has, perhaps, at one point, was useful, but is no longer. As much as one intends to create new and better experiences in life, many trip themselves up by trying to create these new pathways of experience on top of the "old programming" from before. Even if someone is honestly working to change from the old way of doing things, as long as this old energy resides, it causes an energetic pathway that causes one to repeat one's old mistakes. FLUORITE is a the stone used to help clear this old information that is no longer useful. You can think of it as the energetic eraser to clear off the whiteboard! - This dark GREEN CUBIC FLUORITE in particular helps to delete old programming related to emotions. This includes deleting old ways of suppressing emotions, old ways of emotions did get expressed, and old ways emotions were denied. This crystal is particularly useful for those who were born with already debilitative emotions or emotions that became debilitative because of family conditioning. In any case, it's a strong crystal for clearing the slate and allowing the energetic space to allow for a structural reprogramming of emotions that is more stable, grounded, honest, and real.

Cleansing Information

Specimens may be fragile and caution advised when cleansing in water.