LAZULITE is a stone attuned to the third eye. The stone has the energetic feel of a fireworks sparkler, except in terms of creative inspiration. The multitude of sparks are minute but multitudinous, and each spark can be followed to be fleshed out and deepened. Or you can use the energy of lazulite to just feel the limitless well your creativity resides. By putting yourself in the energy field of this crystal, you can begin the recognize this feeling of limitlessness by the joy and pleasure it brings knowing your own inspiration comes from a bottomless well. - This stone would be ideal to be used by anyone who would like to more easily play in the fields of imagination. Writers, artists, musicians, scientists... basically anyone who is looking beyond the frontiers already taken into the joy of the new and unknown.

Cleansing Information

If specimens are delicate, avoid cleansing with water.