The lovely softness of this calcite radiates vibrations of nurturing and love. A stone for those who have difficulty allowing others to love them. Perhaps one is good at giving love but not so good at allowing someone to love you back leading to unbalance in circulating love between one another. So especially good for mothers, those who are imbalanced relationships, singles who want to avoid imbalanced relationships, and wonderful for children and teens to help them remain secure while still maintaining their sweet sensitivity. This a great stone for an altar piece to manifest the right relationship and to keep in the bedrooms of children to keep their heart chakras supported and open.

This specific form the MANGANOAN CALCITE from Manaoshan, China forms in stacks of elongated pyramids with many of these stacks having terminations at the top point topped with a "cap." It recalls the energy of stacking growth reaching a pinnacle of achievement which energetically is the goal, to love oneself, to encourage oneself to one's highest realization and potential.

Cleansing Information

Calcite will dissolve in water if soaked. Recommended cleansing by sacred smoke or the moon.