Because of its superior sharpness, obsidian has used as a tool for cutting soft tissue since the Stone Age. In its metaphysical parallel, obsidian is also an important tool metaphysically for cutting out negative energies attached to the psychic bodies. Different forms of obsidian exist, each with different sub-specialties and degrees of metaphysical "cutting” intensity.

This form from California is naturally found in these distinct shards. There are different theories as to how this obsidian split into these long elongated pieces; if wether by an internal explosion because of extreme cold or because of great external pressure. However they were formed these shards are natural and hold a specific type of intense fracturing power created by Mother Nature.

Though the edges have been worn down over time and are no longer physically sharp, these OBSIDIAN DAGGERS still contain the power of that moment of intense release along with the cutting energies inherent in obsidian itself. In addition, these daggers hold combinations of the black and mahogany color rays whose vibrations resonate most profoundly with the root chakra and the High Body point, Eyes in the Knees, depending on the colors present.

OBSIDIAN DAGGERS are an ultra-specific tool to use to cut out negative thoughts, entities, or other unbeneficial energetic attachments. Their energies would be best utilized by lightworkers who are both adept and confident in their energy work to apply this precision tool to the benefits of their clients who need assistance fracturing and cutting out negative attachments out of the aura or chakras.

Because of their intense power, I recommend OBSIDIAN DAGGERS to be used with great reverence and caution by those who are willing to take responsibility to learn how to use this tool well.

Cleansing Information

Use extreme care in handling this stone as sharp edges can cut deeply. Can be cleansed in all ways.