TOPAZ has a very soothing and stabilizing energy. It has an ability to center and gently quiet whatever chakra that specific colored TOPAZ has an affinity for. - In this case, PEACH TOPAZ has an affinity for the heart chakra where it can help stabilize the desires of the heart. It is especially helpful for someone who is single and is longing for a relationship learn the lessons of grace and patience while they learn to create the most healthy space for love to flourish and grow by recognizing the importance of honoring one’s self. So often those who are seeking love fall into a stream of desperation making the person whom they have some attraction and affection for possibly “the one.” There is pressure for the romantic interest to make this person fit into a criteria of “the one” which ends up leading to pain for both parties instead of just enjoying the experience of two souls meeting and getting to know each other. This obsession to meet the ultimate person ends up being the goal instead of being in the present, just sharing the love where two unique souls meet. PEACH TOPAZ can help one to look inward to recognize how whole they can be if they are just centered within their own heart… which is what actually sets up the energetic circumstances for one to encounter their strongest partnerships in this lifetime. - PEACH TOPAZ also has an affinity for those who deeply desire to become parents, especially for females wanting to have a child of their own. By soothing and centering the heart, it shifts the energy from desire to patience, which is a more energetically supportive space for an incoming baby’s energy to be present.

Cleansing Information

None noted.