Tree wisdom is symbolized by its shape. Through it’s branches it reaches this sunny over world of light and the trunk of the tree, the roots represent the deep connection to Mother Earth. This movement of heaven down into Earth with the emphasis of the root securing themselves deeply into the ground is the hallmark of PETRIFIED WOOD energy.  Because of this, PETRIFIED WOOD is one of the greatest mineral teachers in the deep and important lesson of grounding.

When trees buried under sediment are no longer exposed to oxygen and decompose so slowly that mineral rich water fill the trees cell walls and hardens before it tree completely decays, the process produced petrified wood. What results is the mineralized imprint of the tree that once was.

Additionally, the mineralization process causes each stone to hold the energies of when the tree was vibrantly alive. Each piece of PETRIFIED WOOD then becomes an access point to the tree’s individual energy and ancient wisdom. By working with the stones with the intention of contacting the individual tree, one may learn its ancient teachings.

There are many different types of PETRIFIED WOOD coming in a wide variety of colors. All will have connection with the root chakra though individual specimens may also have resonances with additional chakras depending on their vibrational color ray.

Cleansing Information

For more fragile specimens suggested cleansing methods include sunlight, moonlight, and sacred smoke. Otherwise, all cleansing methods can be used.