If you are longing to be aware of your connection to the Divine but have trouble turning off your over-analytical monkey mind, try this PURPLE FLUORITE from Mexico. Fluorite is a mineral that manifests in many different colors and shapes but all iterations of fluorite lend themselves with the organizing and balancing of the mind. The deep violet hue of this particular fluorite resonates with the color of the third eye chakra, the chakra of spiritual enlightenment.... and also where your brain resides. However, your brain can get monkey-minded and gets so anxious that it wants to micromanage everything into analytical thought, including a connection to the divine which is a connection that resonates at a higher vibration than the physical brain can't handle just alone. The brain needs to relax and accept information that comes in through the spiritual channels and filter it into concepts the brain can understand instead of the other way around.

This particular fluorite can also help those with attention deficit disorders or those in the autism spectrum who become mentally taxed from sensory overload. Essentially a stone to balance the analytical thought processes of the mind.

Cleansing Information