Pyrite is a navel manifestation stone, but also holds intense grounding energy because of its iron content. Pyrite also holds a strong masculine energy which works with the energy of outward movement and outward accomplishment.The interplay between manifestation and grounding energies along with the yang form of strength results in a mineral that has energies of helping you manifest ideas distinctly and firmly into the physical plane.

On the atomic scale, pyrite is built from a series of cubes. The cube is one of the most stable forms in the physical universe. Phrases like "square up” or words like “squarely” imply precision in physicality. In the same way, the energies of pyrite promote precision of energy in the physical plane too.

Pyrite is a favorite stone to help ideas bring what was just an idea into physical reality. It is also one of my favorite stones to keep by the computers or electronics to tamp down negative EMF’s.

Different forms of pyrite have different applications in how they may support the action of manifestation into the physical. Click on the different crystal habits below for more information on their specific metaphysical properties.

Cleansing Information

For energetic cleansing, sea salt and water cleansing depends on fragility of specimen. Pyrite kept in moist environments will degrade over time.