Randomize Testimonials
In my one brief session I was brought considerable clarity about some surprisingly deep personal needs.

MOLLY - Designer

I am in awe of how much clarity I received during my crystal healing session with Azalea. The amount of information that came through was so very needed, as well as the clearing of deeply stored grief.

TEDRA BAYMILLER - Crystal Healer & Evolution Coach

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a life changing crystal healing. I was so moved by the experience... You are a talented healer & an amazing gift.

CARLA - Executive Assistant / Reiki Master

I was completely unsure about crystal healing before my session, even as to what it was exactly. Any doubts I had about the healing process itself were dismissed by the intensity of the experience I had – both physically and emotionally. What surprised me about the session was the wide array of sensations that the individual crystals provided – from warm to soft to magnetic to bitter and on and on.

MOLLY - Designer

I just wanted to thank you for my amazing healing yesterday. I really didn't know what to expect and it turned out to be such a beautiful and truly healing experience.

C.P. - Art Dealer

You're so insightful and have such a warm, gentle, compassionate, and knowledgeable technique. I so appreciate all the insights and just love what you do.

NICOLE FOOS - Jewelry Designer

This type of healing can help to slow things down and focus them into an understandable wavelength.

JEAN-NOEL SONI - Bona-Fide Wizard of Action

Towards the end of the session I felt so strong and clear and was just buzzing with incredible openness and energy. I feel so good. Thank you for your amazing work.

L.N. - Fashion Designer

Crystal healing helped me to experience a resolve that I was missing. And after some time had passed I also experienced some more clarity and a sense of calm in my day to day activities. I have a sense of clarity that was not there before and I made some pretty big changes after the session.

TRAVIS - Production Sound Mixer

Someone who is doing a crystal healing session with Azalea is in for a treat. It’s like traveling or taking a mini vacation. She is easy to talk to and not at all judgmental.

YUDI - Photographer

Our conversation had such an impact on me and was just what I needed to hear.
(Regarding her Crystal Intuitive Reading)


… Eight months later and the story of working with my crystals is STILL evolving! I thought, naively, when I got those stones, that within a few months I’d be “done” with them. Ha! I mean, really, HA! I’ve gone deeper than I ever thought I would. EVER. I cannot emphasize that enough.
I really had no idea what kind of wild ride I was in for. If you’d told me that all of this could have happened just from working from my stones, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.
(Regarding the Crystal Intuitive Reading)


Crystal healing has benefited me by allowing me to see areas in my mind that were blocked. A person who needs a little shove into seeing themselves would benefit from crystal healing.

CATHY COOPER - Artist/Costumer

I would suggest this to someone who was trying to get to the bottom of some psychic or physical stuff. Crystal healing with Azalea is easy, relaxing, and only weird in a good way...

MOLLY - Designer