Welcome to Place 8 Healing!

Hello All!

Welcome the new revamped website for Place 8 Healing!

I really have to give my hats off to Brent Freany and Gabby Datau for making such an amazing website. <Enter sounds of applause here.> If you are looking for someone to help you make an amazing website, I heartily encourage you to reach out to them. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their professionalism and work. I mean, just look at this site!

There is a photo zithromax tablets gallery in the works and the crystal index is still being finessed, so please be patient with us as we get this manifested as well.  Also, I’ll be adding info about crystals and stones over time so keep checking back as I post more and more information.

In the meantime I will be using the blog to post more involved information on crystals and stones as well as other metaphysical musings. So stay tuned!

Crystal Blessings,